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          1450 Bessemer Dr. El Paso TX 79936

          Phone: 915-595-6565


          We are here to help you.! El Paso Heater & Supply Company is a distributor of Industrial products used in the manufacturing sector. We have been distributing for 24 years: Industrial Electric Heating Elements Thermocouples Sensors Temperature Controls Hot Runners Injection Molding Extrusion Blow Molding Thermo Forming And Automation Components We are proud to be one of the largest and fastest growing industrial distributor in El Paso, TX. Serving Industries such Automotive, Packaging, Medical, Food, Electronics, Consumer products and many more... Our product lines have increased during the last 24 years and it is primarily focused on bringing on products that will benefit our customers. We are constantly training our personnel on new products so we can better serve you by choosing the right product for your application.
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